Wyrmwood Modular Game Table is the best gamer gift you can’t buy

I wanted a game table before I even knew game tables were a thing.

In prepping for a session of Pandemic: Legacy, I would grumble, knowing that if I could just leave everything in place, my son and I could complete the campaign faster. Or I would make a box insert and I had to find a place for all the foam, supplies and parts in progress because we had to use the table for boring things like dinner.

Next, Wyrmwood Gaming announced its first gaming table, the Prophecy Gaming Table. Made from premium wood, it featured a recessed felted interior that you could lift and lower, then cover with a premium wood mattress topper. The key word being “premium”. Being one of the first, Wyrmood wanted to make theirs the best. This was reflected in the “more expensive than my first car” price.

For years, I watched Wyrmwood Gaming closely, waiting for them to announce something cheaper, something that was achievable without taking a small loan. So when the company launched its modular tabletop Kickstarter in fall 2020, there was plenty to be excited about.

Cheap but not cheap

While it eschews some of the features of the more expensive model (i.e. the up / down mechanism), the “flatbed” modular gaming table is donor-assembled and costs thousands less, but gives you all the same a quality real wood table that you can also play on, not a special chipboard warehouse.

Because the Modular Game Table comes in multiple form factors, it’s priced surprisingly low, starting at $ 300 for the smallest option with the most common wood choice. So if you don’t have the space or budget for a purple heartwood dining table, you can get a maple coffee table instead. Best of all, since the MGT is modular, you can purchase the parts you need later to convert your table to almost any size you want.

In addition to the table itself, the campaign included gaming accessories that fit into the magnetic rail built around the inner and outer perimeter of the table. Everything from card holders to full gaming desks was on offer, ensuring that no matter how you play, you have everything you need to create personalized gaming stations for each player.

If you follow Wynwood on social media or watch their Wrym Lyfe vlog, you know that the Modular Gaming Table campaign has completely transformed the business. The partner company Wyrmwood Gaming acquired had to cease all non-MGT production just so the company could fulfill the more than $ 8.8 million in Kickstarter commitments.

There were stops and starts as they figured out how to build the modular gaming table to scale and continue to deliver parts that would fulfill their craftsman’s promise. For a brief moment, it looked like the business was going to crumble under the pressure of its own success. The machines broke or underperformed, the lumber warped for no apparent reason, and senior management stirred as they tried to adjust to their new, larger organization.

Fortunately, Wyrmwood Gaming overcame its production issues and began shipping modular gaming tables to backers in early 2021, including mine. Without any hyperbole, this is the best piece of furniture I have ever owned.

Unpacking and Assembling the MGT

I had doubts when the small flotilla of boxes landed on my doorstep, dropped off there by a growling UPS driver. “Assembly required” meant that there were approximately 20 individual parts that had to be assembled. Modularity and an overly conservative approach to ensuring nothing was damaged in transit meant there were nine giant boxes, plus enough protective packaging to keep the broken boxes as tall as my fridge.

Unboxing the Espresso Stained Maple (the first stained wood Wyrmwood Gaming ever made), I was impressed with the strength and smooth finish of the pieces. With all the parts taken care of, it was time to start assembly. I remember, before the campaign started, how the team at Wyrmwood Gaming worked on this, struggling to develop a fairly easy to do at home assembly experience while still delivering quality. chart.

From the base to the skirt to the legs, assembly took less than an hour and was much simpler than expected. The carpentry was solid (and still is months after assembly). The only warped part (an issue with early production models that has since been resolved) was one of the toppers and they immediately replaced it.

When assembled, the recessed playing surface, with its sleek gray felt, sits 4.5 inches below the edge of the table. Deep enough that it’s a simple thing to cover most of the games going on, but not so deep that it’s hard to play. And when I’m done, I cover it all up with the topper (which has a smart bevel system to prevent spills from spilling onto the deck below)

Of course, a nice playing surface is only part of the story. The largest and heaviest box was bursting with a dizzying array of accessories. There are cup holders (for several types of drinks), card holders, component trays, player tables, charging stations, not to mention the Game Deck which gives you a floating surface at the level of the board for divide the table according to your needs.

While the table looks gorgeous and makes a big impression when you remove the top to reveal the set prepared below, these are the accessories that will get your friends talking. Throughout my first play session, my friends moved props around the rails and set up their play area exactly to their needs. When one of them found out that you could remove the mug from one of the cup holders to accommodate wine glasses, the whole game came to a standstill for a good ten minutes for them to marvel.

Near and yet so far

The Wyrmwood Gaming Modular Gaming Table is an incredible piece of furniture and offers gamers a chance to enjoy all the benefits of the company’s most expensive table without the top price tag.

However, once you start adding accessories, the modular gaming table’s “bargain” plating begins to crack. Each accessory is designed as meticulously as other gaming components from Wyrmwood Gaming. Their smooth, shiny and varnish-free finish immediately enhances the game you play. If you’re not careful, accessories can easily double the price of the table itself (especially if you go for more expensive pieces like the Game Deck that divides the table or a storage block for it).

That said, even a dual-priced modular game table is still thousands less than a Prophecy game table made from the same wood. That is, it would be, if you could buy one.

Unfortunately for potential buyers, Wyrmwood Gaming is fully invested in a Kickstarter supply chain model. I had hoped that once the orders for the first campaign were filled, they would start offering on-demand orders. According to the company, however, it is still a long way off. Most likely, they will offer those who missed the 2020 campaign another chance to support Kickstarter with a new campaign in 2022.

You can sign up to be notified when the new campaign goes live on the Wyrmwood Gaming website. Knowing the history of the company, they will offer even more options and new accessories. While no one likes to wait, the modular gaming table is well worth it.

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