What Fashion Insiders Are Up To This Month

With 2022 well underway and restrictions lifted further in London, find out what’s happening in the bustling capital this month.

Be bold or go home

New Year, New glasses. The alcohol-free HIP X8 eyewear is fashion’s best-kept secret. Created by innovative Won Lee – EX CEO/COO at Gentle Monster, and his partner, Nikhil ‘Ra’ Sharma, the futuristic, genderless and inclusive new drop from X8’s 23-piece collection is an instant hit by none other than General Icons Z Willow Smith and Harry Hudson.

A self-described “mental fashion label”, the Mother Panic isn’t just another Ibiza-based clothing label run by your stereotypical Essex daughter. While other slow fashion brands focus on investment classics – investment-worthy neutral tones (timeless or boring?), PTM is here to spark the fire with a bold mix of color, texture, of silhouette and brilliance. Made for “cool one-size-fits-all babes” and “wild honeys”, PTM and its founder/designer Claire Posmamai are here to make your fashion dream come true – one pair of metallic pants at a time.

Shop till you drop

The pandemic hasn’t stopped fashion-conscious Londoners from shopping for their favorite designers and pieces. Discover SEPT, a smart fashion app personalized for each user based on what they link, like and create – some call it the Tinder for your wardrobe. Over the past few months, the app has grown in popularity with the integration of trending brands such as Alfie Paris, Andreeva, Blaiz Store, Natalie & Alanna and many more.

Known for its curated collections of goodies, The Yellow World by Evie Henderson wants to change the way everyone shops. On February 3, Henderson and TYW are participating in the RE(LUX) trade event held at Sotheby’s, along with other fashion insider favorite stores such as Annie’s Ibiza. Attendees will be able to find and purchase TYW’s incredible past collaborations, including the likes of TL180.

New year, the better you

There’s never a better time to serve up a refreshed new look. Achieving the radiant, lifted look is the goal of many in 2022 and Mr. Angelica Kavouni has experienced requests at her Ionic Kavouni Clinic for non-surgical, tightening and lifting treatment such as Thermage FLX. Radio frequency treatment has always been incredibly popular in Asia – even with patients in their twenties using preventative reasons, and is now a popular alternative for those who want smooth, tight and contoured skin without having to go under the knife.

Lynton’s Focus Dual, an alternative treatment to achieve the much-desired lifting effect, is also popular and available at the D.Thomas clinic. In addition to radio frequency microneedling, Focus Dual also offers High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), which is known to retexture and lift the skin, improving skin quality with every layer. There is almost no downtime with the treatment, thanks to the technology to target the heat directly to the deepest layers of the skin, while the top skin remains intact.

Those who want a total makeover have been waiting for the opening of NEO Health Clinic, the new, modernized place for all your aesthetic needs. Launched in December 2021 and born out of the established and well-respected clinic 152 Harley Street, NEO Health has an impressive medical team including Daniel Ezra as Medical Director along with experts such as Mr. Ionnis Goutos and Professor Firas Al-Niaiimi under the same roof. The original clinic’s offering covers a range of surgical and non-surgical fields including ophthalmology, dermatology, ENT and hair restoration.

Motivated and organized

With all of 2022 ahead, January is the month to recharge with realigned goals, with fitness often taking center stage. With the gymnastics floor being the new social ground in London, Col Collective’s three studios across London (High Street Kensington, Knightsbridge and Saint John’s Wood) were busier than ever offering a dynamic mix of high intensity classes and from cardio to low-impact pilates and yoga workouts. Classes are also available through ClassPass as well as the Core Collective website www.core-collective.co.uk.

New Year’s intentions have been set, and now Londoners are busy documenting the top priorities for 2022. Staying organized has never been easier with the curated selection of minimalist stationery by Sydney-based brand An Organized Life. Launched at the end of 2013 by New Zealander Beck Wadworth, the label currently offers a range of practical but stylish products including diaries (best sellers), vegan leather notebooks, habit trackers, gratitude notebooks, and even a wedding planner.

Taking inspiration from the minimalist, clutter-free Scandinavian lifestyle, Swedish brand Mål paper is known to help create a happier, calmer and more productive lifestyle. With the brand’s designer dweller tracker, gratitude/goals journal, affirmation cards in understated monochrome color tones, your 2022 is sure to be a winning year.

Dazzled but make it durable

Meet Jean London, the London-based designer jewelry brand with a non-negotiable focus on ethics and sustainability, from Hannah Mossman Moore. “We make fairtrade power jewelry for every day – ‘Big Rocks for Powerful People’.” The young founder says, adding that all Jean London rings are named after the women who have or continue to inspire him in one way or another. Bold, strong, sleek and confident, Jean London is designed for female fighters and trailblazers, with a hint of “delicacy” to behold – reflecting the founder’s personal transformation to become a more accomplished and invincible woman.

Founded by Olivier Caouette with its first store opening in the wake of the pandemic, the one-of-a-kind Hong Kong-based contemporary jewelry brand has come a long way since its inception. Retailed from exclusive luxury department store, Lane Crawford, one of a kind hope, rainbow color and sustainability designs are as addictive as sweet cakes topped with frosting and icing.

London fashion insiders are also obsessed with Karo Koru’s vintage-inspired pieces done by makeup artist Karo Kangas in Los Angeles. Each piece is unique and the jewelry reflects Kangas’ philosophy of being kind to the planet and an ode to her artistic childhood. All beads, beads, glassware are either recycled, dead or reused to minimize additional environmental impact.

Forever a fan favorite, PDPaola’s delicate tracks are designed to melt your heart. The newly launched “Motion” collection honors the essential nature of life: constant change. The designs follow a wave pattern that evokes the magical dance of water in an ocean that is never yet. The Motion Gold Ring and Ocean Gold Earring Set are sure to become the brand’s hottest new classics.