The best accessories for an ergonomic desk setup in your home office

Whether it’s screens that are too low, chairs that don’t have the right support, keyboards that are too high, or many common pitfalls, home office setups are often ergonomic wasteland. Unfortunately, this will usually lead to pain and injury.

Most workers would benefit from taking a look at the way they work at home most often and adjusting it to make things a little more pleasant on their bodies. Maybe it’s a monitor arm to reduce neck strain or a standing desk to help your back. An ergonomic desk setup will not only reduce injury, but can also give you more energy and focus.

Keep in mind that having the right ergonomic accessories is only the first step. You must also use them correctly. After all, having a standing desk that you never lift doesn’t do you much good.

The most important part of limiting your risk of injury is movement. Try to minimize staying static for long periods of time. Make getting up and moving into your work day. For those times when you need to stay static, the accessories we have listed below will go a long way in helping you create an ergonomic home office setup.

Best standing desk

Stand up at work

Alternating between sitting and standing during labor helps relieve back pain (among a host of other problems) because sitting for long periods of time allows your spine to flex as you slump. This causes problems with ligaments and possibly discs in the back.

There are a ton of standing desks out there, but the Fully Jarvis is a great compromise between quality and price. The electric frame has a generous height range of 25.5 inches to 50.7 inches, and the Jarvis even has better stability than competitors that use a similar frame because Entirely uses heavier feet. There are also four height memory presets so you can set your favorite heights and get back to them in seconds.

One downside to the Jarvis is the assembly. There are a lot of rooms and you should expect it to take you over an hour. The good news is, you’ll probably only do this once. Fully provides a 15 year warranty on the frame and electronics, as well as a 5 year warranty on the desktop.

Best standing desktop converter

If you run out of space

A standing desk is fine, but what if it doesn’t suit your situation? You might want to keep your desk, be able to move your workspace, or just not waste drawer space by switching to a standing desk. Well then a standing desktop converter might be for you. A converter sits above a surface and can raise and lower to approximate the ergonomic benefits of a standing desk. In addition, standing desk converters are cheaper.

The Vari Pro Plus 36 is great because its electric lift means you don’t have to do any work to lift it, all it takes is the push of a button. It is also much more stable than most of the competition and has a height of 14 inches.

Among electric standing desk converters, the 40-punts Vari Pro Plus 36’s weight capacity is rather low, but should still be sufficient for the majority of users. For ergonomics, it has a lowered keyboard tray, which is important to achieve the correct ergonomic fit.

Best balance board

Move while standing

The iMovR Gymba Balance Board is a favorite thanks to a completely different design than most balance boards. Balance boards are a fantastic addition for a standing desk user, as the extra movement keeps your muscles activated and your blood flowing. The problem with typical balance board designs is that they allow too much movement. This is great for balance or strength training, but not great for working at a desk, as it distracts you from your focus.

And that is why the Gymba is special. You can get a ton of movement without having to balance yourself out. The design also has a few additional bonuses. Typical balance boards are flat and can injure your feet if you use them without shoes. They can also damage your floor. The curved surface of the Gymba is comfortable in socks or barefoot, and the carpet bottom is tailored to the floor. It also comes with two massage balls, has a weight capacity of 660 pounds and is backed by a 5 year warranty. The Gymba was designed around work, so if you’re looking for a challenge with your balance board, this probably isn’t the right one for you.

Best anti-fatigue mat

Stay longer

A good anti-fatigue mat is essential for standing desk users because it will allow you to stay on your feet for much longer while avoiding spinal compressions and foot pain. The Ergodriven Topo Comfort mat goes even further because it has terrain characteristics. These allow you to stand in different ways, stretching different muscles in your legs along the way.

This mat is also made of 100% polyurethane, so it is very durable and comes with a 7 year warranty. One problem to keep in mind is that the mat can slide easily on slippery floors and because some parts are raised this can cause a trip hazard.

Best monitor arm

Help your neck

Monitor arms are crucial for standing desk users because your spine stretches when you stand, so you’ll want to be able to adjust your monitor a bit to avoid bending over.

Standing desks are naturally more shaky than fixed-height desks, and if you’re not buying a quality monitor arm, those shakes tend to get even more amplified the moment they appear on your screen. This important stability is one area where the Ergotron LX excels, with tight joints and solid metal construction.

The Ergotron LX also offers great flexibility. It can handle screens up to 25 pounds and 34 inches in diagonal. It will elevate your monitor up to 13 inches; sufficient for many users, but may not be sufficient for larger users.

Best keyboard

Type without pain

Wrist injuries are one of the most common injuries among office workers because it is so easy to have poor wrist ergonomics. You want to keep your wrist as straight as possible with your forearm so that your tendons can function without being obstructed.

The Microsoft Sculpt goes a long way to this end by having a split key set design to keep your wrists relaxed. A really nice detail is the split space bar which makes it easier to push from different positions and register. A separate numeric keypad is also great for ergonomics, as it allows you to bring your mouse closer to the keyboard and reduce the range.

Best chair

The ultimate in comfort

The Herman Miller Aeron is pricey, but there’s a reason it’s been one of the most popular chairs for so long: it’s fantastic. The Aeron comes with all the settings you could want, including tilt adjustment, seat angle adjustment, and lumbar adjustment. The lumbar adjustment is very cool. There are two lumbar pads that adapt to your back and you can adjust their support and firmness.

As you would expect for this price, the chair is built extremely well and comes fully assembled. A mesh back and sturdy base only help the cause.