Sustainable LGBTQIA+ brands to support and buy

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Every June we celebrate Pride Month and the importance of individuality, inclusivity and diversity. Companies are launching Pride-themed collections, decorating window displays and changing social media icons to display rainbow colors in support of Pride. This month, United States highlights our favorite sustainable LGBTQIA+ brands that not only give back to the community, but also to the environment.

Beauty brands like We Are Fluide and Noto are sustainably made with all-natural ingredients and designed to create a safe space where LGBTQIA+ people can feel their best. Jewelry brands such as Automic Gold and Black Queer Magic use recycled metals and gemstones, while focusing on LGBTQ+ representation and community. Official Rebrand and Wildfang not only create sustainable clothing from pre-existing materials, but blur the lines between what is menswear and what is womenswear, taking a genderless approach to fashion. Learn more about each brand, below.

We are fluid

Credit: We Are Fluide

We are fluidit is The mission is to be inclusive of all gender types and to show the importance of self-expression. The Brooklyn-based beauty brand wants to be a platform to “amplify the voices of queer and gender identities,” as written on the site. By showcasing queer beauty, “we hope to inspire others to create their identities on their own terms, opening up opportunities for self-expression to everyone.”

We Are Fluide creates all of its products using vegan ingredients without harmful chemicals. For Pride Month, one of its best-selling items, the “Universal Liner”, is being sold in multiple color bundles.

Pride Liner Set, via Fluide. BUY NOW


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Note was founded by queer makeup artist Gloria Noto, who brought LGBTQIA+ rights and activism to Noto’s forefront. The brand’s range is fluid and clean, with a focus on sustainability. It manufactures its products with ethical practices as well as through regenerative agriculture. Noto’s packaging is also biodegradable and made from recycled plastics, glass or metals.

Noto gives back to the community by donating 100% of the profits from one of its best-selling products, “Agender Oil”, to charities such as Planned Parenthood, The Trevor Project and many other LGBTQIA+ communities. Currently, the brand is running a special Pride edition that includes Agender oil along with a reusable bag made from recycled plastic bottles in its Pride kit.

Pride Limited Edition Kit, $59, via Noto. BUY NOW

Automatic Gold

Credit: Automic Gold

Automatic Gold is a New York-based queer jewelry brand that creates jewelry out of reclaimed gold and arrives in recyclable packaging. Automic Gold was designed to be genderless and inclusive jewelry for all people of all sizes. According to website, less than 1% of US businesses are owned by LGBTQ people, while only 0.02% are owned by transgender people. “That’s why we want to show an example that transgender and queer people can start and run successful businesses.”

As well as blurring gender lines with its inclusive collections, the brand works with models of all sizes, ages, races and genders, and offers ring sizes ranging from 2 to 16.

Among the brand’s collections, which include bridal pieces and customizable pieces, a pair of gold mini huggie hoop earrings are always a top seller.

Seamless Mini Huggie Hoops, $79, via Automic Gold. BUY NOW

queer black magic

Credit: Black Queer Magic

queer black magic features handmade jewelry created by Vanessa B. Miller, aka Vee, a self-taught artist who gives back to the queer community through jewelry-making workshops. Vee is passionate about championing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and, through the brand, “merges their love of community activism, creative wellness and jewelry making “.

Black Queer Magic specializes in gemstones and metals made to last. Many products are size inclusive and made to order with metals such as sterling silver, brass or copper to avoid overproduction and promote the uniqueness of each product.

One of the most unique pieces in Black Queer Magic is the “Cowrie Ring” which is a cowrie shell set in the metal of your choice.

Cowrie ring, $120, via Black Queer Magic. BUY NOW

Official rebranding

Credit: official name change

Official rebranding was started by New York-based non-binary artist MI Legget, who redefines the meaning of upcycled clothing by taking discarded clothes and giving them new life through painting, patching, sewing, and more. Each garment is unique and the transformation process celebrates the fluidity of identity.

One of the top-selling items on the official Rebrand website is an old fisherman shirt-jacket hybrid that’s been refreshed with pink stitching.

Pink Rework Deadstock Fisherman Button-Down, $62, via Official Rebrand. BUY NOW

wild fang

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wild fang Apparel is a queer women-led company that was created with the intention of changing the way we view women’s and men’s clothing. Wildfang is committed to sustainability by limiting waste as much as possible, using recyclable packaging, and has just declared that it will become carbon neutral this year.

In addition to sustainability, Wildfang gives back to the community. Since launching in 2012, Wildfang has donated over $650,000 to organizations like Planned Parenthood, ProjectQ, ACLU, Girls Inc., and more.

Wildfang creates practical, everyday essentials for all genders (including a signature blazer) so everyone can look and feel their best.

Empower Tux Blazer, $188, via Wildfang. BUY NOW