Rachel Zoe wants to change your walls – and Martyn Lawrence Bullard rushes into the kitchen

Ohen fashion and design stars step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves by designing on a distinctly different stage, the results can be highly rewarding, breathtaking, or even mesmerizing. Especially if Rachel Zoe or Martyn Lawrence Bullard are involved.

Fashion, social media and Bravo TV’s Zoe has teamed up with peel and stick wallcovering brand WallPops for the first time. It’s like having your own personal fashion consultant to style your walls.

Rachel Zoe always tries to be ahead of the trends, and her debut line of wallcovering exudes the understated glamor she’s so known for. Expect the same bohemian shades and just the right amount of edge too. The new WallPops wallpaper range is meant to stand on its own and become the focal point of any room.

Each of the six designs draws inspiration from Zoe’s past fashion collections and her undying love of animal prints, metallics and deco-inspired patterns. The rolls are priced at $59.99.

“I’ve always loved how wallpaper can completely transform a room by creating warmth, texture, making a statement and giving your space an instant feeling of style,” Zoe says in a statement.

Those Rachel Zoe x NuWallPaper the designs appeal to a lot of sensibilities, nodding to the 1970s with a bit of mod thrown in for fun. The papers run the gamut from a tonal Greer Chevron, which adds instant texture, to the timeless Palermo Leaf, dotted with palm fronds. You can discover the whole new affordable range at WallPops.com.

From the walls of Rachel Zoe to Cooking With Martyn

What do French culinary brand La Cornue and its iconic Château range have in common with Hollywood-born British interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard? The answer is color. Beating heart, racy color.

La Cornue and Martyn Lawrence Bullard have unveiled a new collaboration at the fabulous Dallas Middlebury Residential Showcase Gallery at an exclusive event on Wednesday evening.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard unveils his Color Collection with La Cornue. With Anne Puricelli from Middleby, Suzanne Kasler, Matthew Quinn and chef Chris from Middleby.

It might be easier to name the list of stars Bullard didn’t work with than those he did. It’s a shorter list. It seems natural that Bullard is now associated with La Cornue. The French Wizards’ enamelled Château range – with its patented vaulted oven design – has remained the benchmark since Albert Dupuy first unveiled it in 1908.

The focal point of any kitchen design begins with the stove. This is where the magic happens after all.

“I first encountered La Cornue when I was a child, and my parents rented these beautiful villas in the south of France,” says Bullard. “Houses have always had a La Cornue and there was always this masterpiece, right there in the kitchen, which not only looked beautiful, but produced these delicious, delicious foods. So I’ve always loved La Cornue.

Inspired by his childhood love for vintage racing cars, Bullard chose a color palette of 10 dramatic hues for his collaboration with La Cornue. Handcrafted in Paris, these new Château enamel tones will be available exclusively for La Cornue in March. Bullard recalls the rich, saturated colors of these classic sports cars, trimmed in shiny metals, with their lush leather details.

“Color, as a designer, is everything. It informs the vibrancy of a room and it’s like adding stunning jewelry to an outfit,” notes Bullard.

Brands Hatch Green reminds Bullard of Steve McQueen – the iconic Chateau range gets super charged.

“I love classic colors, like Brands Hatch Green,” says Bullard. “It instantly transports you to that magical moment, like Steve McQueen driving his beautiful car. You too can live like Steve McQueen every day. But instead of driving it, you’re cooking on it.

Even today, each Château range is made to order. The most personal choice when choosing one of these ranges, with almost mythical and timeless lines, is the choice of its enamel color. La Cornue’s Color collection will soon be ready to rock your kitchen thanks to the design of Martyn Lawrence Bullard. You can check out the new line here.

How this design icon elevates another.