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With her new collection of lab-grown diamond rings set to launch at Jared, Pnina Tornai says she sees weddings and the celebration of marriage in all its facets becoming bigger and more meaningful – an opportune time for her. to bring Pnina lab-created diamonds to the world.

the Pnina Tornai Un The lab-created diamond collection will launch Wednesday at Jared U.S. stores as well as online. The collection includes 25 rings that range in price from $1,299 to $18,999. Jared even named the cut of these lab-grown diamonds in the collection after Tornai, something the Israeli-born fashion designer is best known for her work on. say yes to the dress said is a highlight of his career.

“It’s a huge privilege to work with these stones,” says the famous wedding dress and jewelry designer. “My wives usually look Pnina Dresses because they are larger than life. Now I can also give them the jewelry of their dreams.

Pnina Tornai
Fashion designer Pnina Tornai says her partnership with Jared has sparked new creativity in her and she enjoys being part of a couple’s love story towards marriage every step of the way, including the proposal.

Tornai started working with Jared in 2020, and the partnership came at a critical time for her as she needed a creative boost during the pandemic, she says.

“The one thing that can’t be postponed or canceled is love,” says Tornai. “We are in a new era. Couples want to celebrate their love. They know it’s the right person and they want to make sure they have the wedding of their dreams.

Having one more moment before wedding dress shopping with a couple was one of the reasons Tornai says she wanted to work with Jared on her jewelry collection, which ranges from engagement rings to men’s wedding rings and fashion jewelry.

“I’m involved in every little detail, and I thank Jared for being so understanding and going above and beyond to make my dreams come true,” says Tornai. “I’m obsessed with jewelry, so it was easier for me to dive into that world.”

Jared Pnina Tornai lab grown diamond
The lab-created diamond collection by Pnina Tornai One at Jared includes 25 rings that range in cost from $1,299 to $18,999.

Ann Grimmett, vice president of merchandising at Jared, said in an email interview that the company wanted to expand its partnership with Tornai, and that seemed like the right next step.

“The expansion of our One by Pnina Tornai collection into lab-created diamonds gives our customers access to larger stones with the same Pnina Tornai design aesthetic. We are sure this new collection will help celebrate more love at Jared,” Grimmett said.

Tornai, who added queen of bling as part of her brand, says working with synthetic diamonds on this latest collection has also been exciting.

Ring Pnina Tornai Jared
This 2-carat oval engagement ring is one of the signature looks from the new diamond collaboration created by the Pnina Tornai One lab with Jared ($12,999).

“It’s man-made magic,” says Tornai. “Natural and lab-grown diamonds are indistinguishable from each other with the naked eye…I’m petite, so I like everything to be bigger and more dramatic. So, I like that lab-grown diamonds can be spectacular , durable and beautiful.

Tornai says knowing that love has survived pandemic shutdowns and quarantines has given her hope for all couples. She says she’s seen the time between engagement and marriage shrink from a year or two to a few months, and she understands why lovers feel this rush.

“For couples, COVID did a lot of good because we had to be close in our homes with the person we chose to live with. [and it] made us realize very, very quickly whether it was the right person or the wrong person. There was no middle ground,” says Tornai.

“While going through COVID with my husband, I met another person because we were together 24 hours a day. I was lucky because I really discovered that he was my best friend in the world,” says -she.

Top: Pnina Tornai and Jared have expanded their collaboration to include lab-grown diamonds, which bear the Pnina name, in a new collection (photos courtesy of Jared).

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