OMEGA X and DRIPPIN rookie groups have their dark personalities in new concept photos

On December 29, Spire Entertainment released new concept photos for OMEGA Xthe next album of ‘Love Like Me’. In the posted photo, the members of OMEGA X show some vivid footage under the red lighting. The three exuded a unique fatal charm with their calm, burning eyes. In particular, the face of each member is engraved one by one with a question mark, arousing a strange curiosity among fans.

OMEGA X used 3D objects in the upcoming video posted previously to predict a different charm that has never been shown before. Therefore, expectations are growing for OMEGA X, which will prove the essence of the sexy surreal concept through the ‘LIKE’ version. The second mini album “LOVE ME LIKE” is a new album which contains the mature visuals and more daring charm of OMEGA X. The band will be releasing teasers for the “LIKE” version after the “LOVE” version to prove the unlimited capacity of the concept.

On December 29, Woollim Entertainment, the agency, released the first concept photo of DRIPPIN third mini album ‘Villain’ via official social media handles. In the concept photo, the members beamed with an intense gaze, creating an atmosphere that was both classy and rebellious. The members, who perfectly owned the intense makeup looks, upped fans around the world for the “bad guy” by predicting a 180-degree shift with the freshness they displayed with their debut single “Free Pass”.

‘Villain’ is a new album released by DRIP approximately 7 months after the ‘Free Pass’. With a fatal charm that has never been shown before, the group is once again looking for fans from around the world through “Villain”. Meanwhile, DRIPPIN’s third mini album ‘Villain’ will be available on various music sites on January 17th.

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