“Lupine” review: Omar’s ultramagnetic charm is still enough to make it worth watching

The first review of the second season of Lupine Mystery-Thriller French Netflix has started to enter. So far, after six reviews, the series, which debuted Friday in the sophomore edition. He got an ideal score of 100 percent on a Rotten Tomato aggregation site.

Created by George Kay and François Uzan, the Show Stars Omar Sy:

He is an immigrant from Senegal and a professional thief named Ashane Diop. Her father was framed because of the theft. with a diamond necklace and hanged himself in prison. Shane has vowed revenge on those responsible.

Ashane smirked as he walked away. Of the people, the incandescent miracle had just thwarted it. Say that “LupineSucceeded because the man behind the smile, Omar Sy, was a huge statement. Get him out of this show.

Whether in the first five episodes to be an international hit in early 2021. International words or in five seconds that organize what is called Netflix “part 2”. And it’s not easy to imagine another party equipped to handle what confidence in the title’s performance has brought.

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It’s strange, then, “Lupine”Part 2 tries to move forward. So colonial that makes the most of what gets people to log on in January. Instead, the show doubles down on the plot side. The thread is even more than a time jump parameter. And takes the road to the final, which seems blocked. In the middle is an episode that comes just before.

“Lupine” wants to absorb everything that comes together:

With a police drama loaded with serious consequences. Where parents cry out in sadness in front of their children killed right in front of them. It also aims to be an accessible, charming vehicle, with the four peaks dancing while whipping up delicious dishes. He was very successful in the end and always looked. Be tense under the weight used.

Part of the difficulty is that Shane doesn’t have a decent enemy. Pierre didn’t play him like a mustache who was the wildly twirling villain. Yet Pelligrini had many other traps: henchmen to send.

A magnificent ploy of theft of money raised by the false foundation. And (of course) jewelry that was priceless. “Lupine”Just defines him as the opposite of Ashane in almost every way.

Except for the truth of their theft. He wants an uncomplicated life-and-death bet, and the shortcuts are more and more stark when the season rolls around.

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Various law enforcement entities on their tails have even less about them. The possible exception was Guedira (Soufiane Guerra). Which was an impossible team with Ashane. At the start of Part 2 cleared. The spectators sit with the two. Because they have found emotional public land.

But other officers stalk Ashane through various disguises. The time to do something other than connect the dots in this case. Even so, it’s rarely more enjoyable than watching Guedira scramble. Several simple anagrams in the opening episode of the event.

On the point connection front, the officers were in good company:

Because there was almost no part of “Lupine“. Which hasn’t devoted himself to drawing thematic parallels and aste as clear. He appears most often in a 25-year-old flashback of the series to Ashane as a young man.

When a glimpse from 1995 got closer to the person who saw young creeds gain their belief in the Riverside seashell game, it was a hit.

Follow the evolution of the life of Ashane’s trio, his former Claire (Ludivine Sagnier) and his best friend Ben (Antoine Gouy) have also worked on the point. Neat and neat because most other people are reflected in Ashane’s continuing efforts in the present.

Suzi Feay of the Financial Times said Mamadou Haidara. Very touching and naughty like a young Ashane. Give an impression of extraordinary attributes in the form of an embryo. To be fully developed in the magnificent Omar. Who played the adult version. “

Hollywood reporter and Fienberg satisfied. “However, some imperfections. Do not reduce the gravitational power of the power of Omar sy. From the curative appeasement of the Parisian settings or from the satisfactory propulsion of the show.

said Michael Hogan of Radio Times. “With a burst of cinematic and addictive thriller. Lupine is the addition of a blockbuster to Canon Cross-Channel. Think of Eleven from ECEAN to meet Robin Hood. Luther with a raised eyebrow and a better coat.

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Cut Ready Steady says that although the second season is more the same. “The only difference is that season 2 is more personal, who works in this story.”