Loved BTS’s Chic Suga Airport Bag? The little accessory will cost you almost a staggering Rs 4 lakh

BTS Suga’s airport bag costs a whopping sum of Rs 4.6 lakh

Lo and Behold ARMYs because Suga is finally back home! With the little meow making it home safely, 7/7 of the Tannies are officially in South Korea and while Suga has a few long quarantine days ahead of him, we’re sure the fans are more than happy with him. keep company.

Of course, the first thing we couldn’t help but notice when she arrived was her immaculate dress at the airport. Always so dapper in his comfortable fit, even in a shirt, jacket and pants combination, rapper BTS has managed to amaze us all with his prominent visuals. And yes, we totally love her much longer dark hair!

While her outfit exuded chic and comfort, a certain little accessory by her side will leave your eyes wide open! Yoongi was carrying around a not-so-cheap bag from Louis Vuitton that comes with a stunning price tag. Of course, the BTS boys aren’t averse to carrying some of the luxury brand’s most expensive accessories, so it’s no surprise that Suga traveled with nothing less than this chic piece.

The LV Steamer tote that Suga chose this time around is quite handsome at Rs 4.2 lakh. Adorned with iconic Louis Vuitton monogram motifs, the bag is in black cowhide leather and has a fluorescent orange decorative chain to give it a touch of color.

Imagine bombing 4 lakh just to fold an airport bag! Only Yoongi can identify himself.

The rapper has only been back for a day and, like RM, will currently be in quarantine for the next few days. Suga had been in the US longer than any of the members and while we only got a few glimpses of him via Instagram, we assume he must have had the best time of his life while on vacation.

Suga even recently released his collaboration with Juice WRLD titled Girl of my dreams which debuted in impressive charts on the Billboard charts. The guy really knows how to keep his beloved ARMY hanging on, even during his break!

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