Leading Spanish Fashion and Accessories Brands at EXPO 2020 Dubai Plan to Enter UAE and GCC Markets

Some of Spain’s top jewelry, fashion, footwear and beauty brands on display at the Spanish Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai ─many newcomers to the region─ are looking for distributors to bring their products to the UAE and in the wider GCC.

‘Leading Brands of Spain’ in collaboration with -ICEX Spain Trade and Investment will host leading retailers from the region on Wednesday March 2 at 7:30 p.m. at the Spanish Pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai to meet Spanish designers and marketers who are will attend the event. The Spanish Ambassador to the UAE, HE Iñigo de Palacio and Mr. Andrés Salinero, Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Spanish Embassy in the UAE will be present among other personalities.

A hand-picked selection of internationally renowned Spanish brands will participate in this unique event, representing a mix of well-known Spanish brands in the UAE as well as new market entrants looking for distribution partners. Jewelery brands such as TOUS, UNOde50, Aristocrazy and Lladró will present their latest creations alongside fashion companies such as Tendam, El Ganso, Lola Casademunt, Roberto Verino, Alma en Pena and Starlite.

“EXPO 2020 Dubai provided a gateway for introducing these products to the UAE and GCC,” said Mr. Pedro Vargas, International Project Manager, Leading Brands of Spain Forum.

“Dubai has become the fashion capital of the region; the market is sophisticated. Retailers have matured in their presence on the ground and online, so Spanish designers are excited about the potential of their products. They are optimistic about the response from buyers in the region based on their experience over the past few months at Expo 2020 Dubai. he added.

“We know our brands will appeal to the multi-faceted markets here made up of residents from around the world and we are open to catering to local tastes. In addition to jewelry and fashion, skincare industry leader Natura Bissé and footwear company Alma en Pena, are adding to the product line under ‘Spain’s Leading Brands’.

Spain wishes to strengthen its friendship with the United Arab Emirates. Several senior Spanish government officials have been pushing the same agenda lately as the two nations look for ways to strengthen their ties,” added Mr. Andrés Salinero, Economic and Commercial Counselor at the Spanish Embassy in the Emirates. United Arabs.

This initiative by Leading Brands of Spain and ICEX Spain Trade and Investment will add significant impact to improving business ties with the UAE. Spain is already one of the top suppliers of fashion (#4), beauty (#7) and leather (#8) footwear to the UAE by 2019 export value.

The arrival of new Spanish brands in the UAE market will help increase these numbers and tap into the incredible potential of the UAE domestic market and its important role as a regional market. hub. Distributors interested in participating in the initiative are invited to send an e-mail to Gulf Business Consulting.