Jewelry can be your perfect Christmas baubles

Joy, happiness, love, gifts, cute smiles, surprises, little and little things. Christmas is all about those little little things. As we always say “enjoy the little things”, this Christmas jewelry also wishes you to enjoy the little sparks. Among it all, this year is also about keeping up with the energy built up during the pandemic and following the trend of “main character energy” which was a pretty famous hashtag on the tiktok and instagram reels. Putting it all together is what we see in jewelry trends this Christmas and New Years.

This Christmas, charms play a vital role as the main character of accessories and jewelry. Charms for connected watches and charms for bracelets are all the rage. Which also play a role in versatile jewelry like charms and charm buckles can also be worn as pendants for chains and charm pins can also be used as lapel pins. Christmas collections are more about accessories than jewelry. As Christmas will close the year and bring the new year, we tend to surprise and give to our loved ones. Something light, cute, stylish and warm would be perfect for this occasion. The designers have also created the same for you. Ear pins, long earrings, cuffs, bracelets and hairpins are the perfect adornments created for this New Year, suggests Chaitanya V Cotha, Executive Director, 150 Years Luxury Jewelery House – C Krishniah Chetty Group Of Jewelers.

Earpins: The pioneer who fuses traditional Indian bugadi with contemporary ear tips. These geometric patterns connect the helix to the lobe, they are either in raw gold or strewn with precious stones.

The long shouldered earrings are the result of an extension of the drops that occur over a period of several years to come to be known as the shoulder brushing statement. Earrings that descend on the collarbones. It transforms looks even more when they go all the way to the chest. It had been all the rage in previous years, but now it has taken a very fashionable turn in jewelry trends.

Statement cuff designed with extra width to hug your wrist, designed specifically to inspire jewelry lovers, often seen studded with large crystals as centerpieces, this piece of jewelry cannot be categorized as either a bangle or a bangle, but is definitely pairs well with tall Indian or Western outfits. And this is the reason why he was also one of the favorites of women this Christmas.

Bracelets: Stylish jewelry that is incredibly easy to wear, the trend of wearing twists is a fashion statement. The charms added to the bracelets will always make them the best piece being the hero, which represents the “main character vibes”.

With the repetition of the old hair accessories that created a Wow experience, the fashion industry predicts that future generations will reinvent themselves to help them emerge. Hairpins are also one of them. Diamond studded bobby pins would probably be the best thing to wear this Christmas.

Plus, we can’t forget our best men. Men’s jewelry was sleek and formal for centuries, but now it’s all about being funky and sexy. As street style flourished in fashion, jewelry also began to blend into street wear. Rather, men’s jewelry is ear studs, layers of pendants and huge link chains, finger rings with engraving and enameling.

All of these jewelry or accessories mentioned are not overly large in size but can make a huge impact to start your New Year.

To make it more economical and aesthetic, semi-precious stones like onyx, malachite, turquoise, mother of pearl and pearls are used. Also rose gold and white gold are more preferable to bring the warmth we need this Christmas.

New Year’s jewelry to welcome 2022 clearly states “enjoy the little sparks”. Spread the happiness and positivity the world needs most through these tiny little metals and precious stones.