James Avery’s ‘resolutely Texan’ charms are already a hit

James Avery Artisan Jewelry, based in Kerrville, has a few new items that will leave the charm of San Antonio. The artisan jeweler released a set of Tex-Mex themed charms in their collection. The taco truck, guacamole-filled molcajete, Texas serape, and festive maracas charms are available online and at more than 90 James Avery stores across the United States.

“Showcase your love for Texas,” says the Texas Serape charm description. “The vibrant colors and traditional serape blanket theme on this charm give your bracelet a distinctly Texas accent.”

The three charms can be engraved. The Texas serape charm and the taco truck, which are both one-dimensional, are $64. The tiny molcajete and maracas, which are 3D, cost $74. Products include romantic themed balls, a fairy and a mushroom with red enamel paint.

James Avery Artisan Jewelry released a set of Tex-Mex themed charms on June 20 that are already a hit with customers.

Courtesy of James Avery Artisan Jewelry

James Avery tells MySA that the charms were released on June 20. Each has been given a social media spotlight on James Avery’s official social media pages in recent days. All received reactions in the thousands, far more than the average post. Fan feedback says they picked up the charms as soon as they could, are planning on hitting a store or adding them to their wishlists.

Promotions on social media show other charms the new items could be paired with to create a very Texas accessory. There’s the mini tacos, hot sauce bottle, and half an avocado to complete the Fiesta-esque fashion.

James Avery operates 19 locations in the San Antonio area.