How travelers can build a more sustainable wardrobe

drive mark Alwrd is one of the companies developing completely new fabrics. Alwrld uses marine cells, made from seaweed in a closed-loop method, and its new biodegradable nylon as eco-friendly alternatives to synthetic fibers.

Using sustainably sourced materials doesn’t mean sacrificing style either. Made in Los Angeles from salvaged fabrics, repurposed vintage clothing, and eco-friendly materials, ReformationThe designs of are the kind of clothes your suitcase dreams of: perfectly fitted linen dresses, slips in soft and creamy silk, vintage-inspired mini-dresses and even evening dresses for special events.

Top independent designers also take a sustainable approach to fashion. With dramatic silhouettes, bold colors and exaggerated details, Collina Strada brings environmental consciousness to runway-ready dresses, jumpsuits and pants using eco-friendly materials like recycled cotton, deadstock fabric and rose silk, a biodegradable fiber made from rose bushes.

When shopping for sustainable fashion, it’s not just the materials that matter. Safe working conditions and fair wages for employees are at the heart of a sustainable business. Kotn, a brand that creates effortless casual wear, only uses cotton grown on small family farms in Egypt. Committed to honoring the people and places where its products come from, the company uses a portion of its profits to build schools in the farming communities that supply their cotton. Christy Dawna brand that creates ethereal, romantic dresses that look as good on vacation as they do at home, also works directly with a collective of farmers, using ethically sourced cotton that’s part of a land regeneration effort that has sequestered 38 tons of carbon from the atmosphere, increasing plant biodiversity and supported a South Indian community with decent wages.

Prioritize supporting brands that are transparent about all aspects of production. Based in Los Angeles, Mate label is a women-owned company that creates travel essentials like linen jumpsuits, comfy activewear and perfect white tees. The company is committed to ethical business practices that support employees at every stage of the supply chain, ensuring that everyone, from farmers to designers to tailors, earns a living wage and has access to a safe working environment.

Create a capsule wardrobe

An easy way to reduce clothing consumption: Take a minimalist approach and fill your wardrobe with fewer quality items that can be worn over and over. Capsule wardrobes are usually made up of 15 to 30 pieces of clothing. Look for classic, versatile pieces that can be worn in different settings, dressed up or down with the right shoes and jewelry. Choosing neutral or monochromatic pieces makes it easier to mix and match and multiply your wardrobe. For example, five tops and three bottoms can create 15 individual looks, perfect for travelers who never check in a bag.

To create a wardrobe that lasts, you can work with a stylist to decide which styles, hems, and cuts work for your look. Alternatively, websites like Cuyana, Everlane, Era Evolutionand Vetta offer collections of simple, well-made travel items that can take you from the plane to a Michelin-starred restaurant in style.