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Diablo Immortal Charms offer players another way to improve their power by enhancing certain skills to increase their damage, allowing you to customize and uniquely specify your character’s build and gear. Diablo Immortal is an ARPG that focuses on destroying hordes of enemies and collecting barrels of loot, so as a new entry in the series, it adds new gear for players to use on their character. So if you want to know which function the Diablo Immortal Charms serve, we’ve got you covered.

What are Diablo’s Immortal Charms?

Charms are pieces of equipment that enhance skills, increasing their damage and combat effectiveness. A Charm is the 13th piece of gear that can be equipped and is more late-game oriented, meaning you’ll spend a lot of time before you encounter one. When you find your first charm it will be level one and will only improve one of your skills, but they can be upgraded to improve more skills by talking to the charm maker in Westmarch.

It’s also worth noting that skills on charms aren’t necessarily specific to you and can include any of the skills in the game, meaning you’re never guaranteed to get any of your skills equipped. when you gain or upgrade a charm.

How to Upgrade Diablo’s Immortal Charms

How to Upgrade Diablo's Immortal Charms

Upgrading Charms will cost Alchemical Power, which costs ten initially and progresses to 50 to reach the level cap of five. At max level, a charm will enhance five different skills, giving them a 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, or 10% damage bonus.

The only way to earn alchemy powder is to collect charms from the charm maker, which is the optimal way to get rid of charms you don’t need. Collecting a level one charm will net you ten alchemical powders, while a max level charm will net you 50.

Due to the fact that charms don’t always provide buffs to the skills you have, there are ways to customize them, but this is also plagued by RNG and takes some time. The Charm Crafter can convert a Charm into a Skill Stone for a cost of 500 Platinum, and these are then used in Imbuing.

Essentially, the imbue process allows you to transfer a random skill from a skill stone to a charm, but due to the RNG associated with it, you can easily get a skill you don’t want, making it quite a long process to get everything. the skills you need on a charm.

How to Get Diablo Immortal Charms

Where to find the immortal charms of Diablo?

There are two main ways to earn charms. First, you can earn a single charm each day by completing daily bounties, and another way is to buy them on the Diablo Immortal Hilts Trader. These are limited time and stock will refresh, but you can get a charm for 100 handles.

That’s it for our breakdown of the Diablo Immortal Charms, and now you know what they are for and how to find them in the game.

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