Heavy earrings that make your earlobes fall out? Here’s how to fix it

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We regularly torture our bodies in the name of fashion. Clothing leaves red, angry lines on the skin; shoes leave sore and aching feet. Even our jewelry can cause significant wear and tear on our bodies, especially our earlobes.

Three major factors play into droopy earlobes: heavy earrings, gravity, and a loss of collagen as we age. Even accidental injuries can speed up the sagging process, like a tugged or pulled earring.

And while sagging earlobes can be unsightly, the worse part is the inability to wear your favorite jewelry comfortably. I’ve been wearing statement earrings for years, and frankly, I feel a little naked without them.

However, my earlobes are starting to show the effects of my choices. After having to start decommissioning earrings, I started looking for solutions. (Yes I a m which is stubbornly attached to my earring collection, thank you very much.)

Fortunately, several solutions exist, all of which have unique advantages and disadvantages and varying degrees of effectiveness.


My favorite solution for loose and drooping earring holes is hypoallergenic earring lifters like these from Wanderbey. These clasps distribute the weight of your earrings more evenly. As a result, your earrings look snug in your lobes, not like they’re about to fall out.

Additionally, Wanderbey’s earring lifters work on lots of jewelry, from small studs to heavy, dangling earrings. The three-piece set also comes in two different finishes, so you can match your back to the earrings you want to wear.

Made of sturdy, hypoallergenic metal, these earring lifters are the most robust solution on the list. They might not be comfortable enough to sleep in, but you’re probably not going to wear your oversized earrings to bed, anyway.

DIYEAR rubber earlobe holders, measurement chart

Like previous metal brackets, these rubber earlobe holders redistribute the weight of your heaviest earrings. The soft, transparent material is easier to hide than gold or silver metal. In addition, they are significantly more comfortable.

these flexible mounts are great options for delicate fish hook mounts and malleable homemade jewelry. Of course, what you gain in comfort, you lose in rigidity. The fit of these rubber mounts is not as secure as their metal counterparts. But if comfort is the biggest priority, then this is the way to go.

Plus you get a huge 200 pieces for less than $10. So even if you lose a few of these clear daddies on the floor, you’ll have hundreds more at your disposal.

Miracle Lobe Adhesive Backing Patches In and Out of the Box
(Lob Miracle)

My latest lobe fixers are these Miracle Lobe Adhesive Backing Patches. Patches are small oval stickers with adherent ridges. You place a patch directly over your ear hole at the back of the lobe. Then you insert your earrings as usual.

the stickers help support the weight earrings, eliminating pressure on the earring hole itself. This reduces the appearance of torn and stretched earlobes and also prevents heavy earrings from sliding down.

I love these support patches for their flexibility and durability. The adhesive is strong enough to last up to several days (if you forget to remove them, like me). Their only downside is that they are single use, so be prepared to buy multiple boxes if you regularly wear earrings.

Jar of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
(vital proteins)

Finally, another great way to fix droopy earlobes from within is to replenish your body’s collagen stores. Collagen is what keeps skin elastic and supple. When our collagen levels get depleted, our skin becomes dry, thin, and wrinkled.

There are countless collagen supplements on the market. This Collagen Peptide Powder is a favorite here at Suggest. It’s also a favorite of Jennifer Aniston, who looks like she’s rocking just as much collagen as she had when she sported the Rachel haircut.

The final factor in earlobe fallout – gravity – has less tangible solutions. (Unless they approve of consumer space travel, in which case, go ahead and pack your heaviest earrings.) Fortunately, replenishing collagen levels and using these lobe supports should enough to repair the most droopy earlobes.

So don’t give away your earrings or buy clips just yet. You have a lot more looks to kill, heavy earrings and all.

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