Experience the charm of the countryside from 1.8 million rand

Launched on March 12, 2022, JT Ross Property Group’s newest development is called The Avenues Hilton. Located on Hilton College Road, just 1km from the N3 and conveniently adjacent to the shopping centre, Avenues Hilton offers space for the whole family.

The Avenues Hilton is perfectly suited to growing families who want to enjoy a lifestyle that fuses a healthy farming environment with everyday modern conveniences. Featuring captivating green spaces, cool mornings and rays of sunshine through the woodland trees; residents will experience the simplicity of the countryside, where necessities are readily available, neighbors become friends, and the outdoors provide memorable adventures.

With the option of semi-detached homes from R1.8m and detached homes from R2.9m, The Avenues has something for every family need. You will feel a sense of security when you make this small town your home. From the moment you enter the estate’s gatehouse, residents can rest easy knowing they have 24-hour access control and CCTV cameras placed in the surrounding area.

Reception possibilities:

Semi-detached houses from R1.8 million.

Sloping gray roofs and crisp white exteriors stand out against the vast green surroundings. The estate features 1, 2 and 3 bedroom open-plan semi-detached houses from R1.8 million. It’s a perfect start for families where you can enjoy moments sipping your coffee as the morning mist lifts, watch the sun set over the hills, or enjoy the Hilton’s cozy winters by your fireplace.

Freestanding homes from R2.9 million

Blending traditional farmhouse style architecture with minimalist design, these homes were created with country charm and modern living in mind. Here you will find detached 3 or 4 bedroom houses from R2.9 million. This is designed for growing families looking for spacious living areas, large bedrooms and expansive gardens.

Created around contemporary, urban and farmhouse-style architecture, The Avenues Hilton will be located alongside a scenic native green landscape. These homes epitomize simplicity while providing the character of country living that appeals to many, while preserving a piece of history and culture.

To visit www.theavenueshilton.co.za for more information