Best Apple AirPods To Buy AirPods Pro, AirPods Max

AirPods Max differ from other AirPods in several ways. First, they are not headphones; they’re big on-ear headphones. Second, they are very Dear. Apple will sell you a pair for $ 549. Even at the lowest selling price we’ve come across, they still cost hundreds more than almost any model in our reviews.

Is it worth the money? When it comes to sound quality and noise canceling performance, definitely not. Three noise-canceling on-ear headphones in our ratings score higher, with better sound and equal noise blocking capability, and they’re all cheaper. The cheapest of these, the one from Sennheiser, costs just $ 160.

What you get for your money is great, but not exceptional, with sound quality and excellent noise cancellation that you can increase or decrease with a convenient dial. They have a distinct look and premium feel that you would expect from an Apple product, as well as seamless compatibility with the company’s other products that made AirPods famous. They also have all the high-end features, including transparency mode, to route exterior sound and spatial audio. There is no wireless charging option, nor a charging case. But unlike other models, they take USB-C instead of a Lightning cable, so you can use the same charger that powers your laptop. The announced autonomy is 20 hours.

Who they are best for: If you’re looking for a bling element that shows how much money you need to spend, the AirPods Max will do the trick. Otherwise, it’s hard to justify the price when there are better and cheaper competitors. Unless you’re a super Apple fan – or someone who thinks easy pairing with other Apple products is worth hundreds of dollars – we recommend trying one of the other best noise canceling headphones. of our evaluations.