All the looks from AMBUSH® Fall/Winter 2022

Set in a landscape of white sand with a cable car continuing to expand the testicular orange orb pulsating to the beat of eerie techno music, the futuristic tech-driven AMBUSH® Fall/Winter 2022 universe that Yoon Ahn has built over the course of the last decade.

This is only the sixth year that AMBUSH® has produced a ready-to-wear collection. Ahn and his partner, Hip-Hop Artist Verbal, founded the brand in 2008 as a jewelry collection, expanding to include clothing in 2016. Ahn is also the jewelry designer for Dior Homme. Since its founding, AMBUSH® has been fascinated by technology and the growing conversation around fashion and the metaverse. Just a few weeks ago, AMBUSH® launched its own NFT and is building its own Metaverse which will launch in March.

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This new line frontier developed by the brand served as the inspiration base for its Fall/Winter 2022 collection. Sharp, oversized blazers with a sensually cinched waist, cropped jackets with shearling details and elongated maxi dresses dominated the track. The designer balanced bold sex appeal with accessibility, pairing form-fitting knits and sleek cutouts with heart-shaped bags and cool button-down shirts. Tiny mini-skirts, boned corsets and hoof-like gladiator platforms brought the drama. The slicked back hair added a cohesive finishing touch to the collection.

When it comes to metal wear, a key element of AMBUSH® due to Ahn’s background as a jewelry designer, Ahn has incorporated “A” chains throughout the collection on tops and chain mail dresses. “A” charms adorned bags and shoes. Silver detailing was also seen on studded collars and belts and outerwear buckles.

The Fall/Winter 2022 collection continued to develop the message of AMBUSH®, drawing on the futuristic and technological aesthetic that fascinates Ahn.

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