A classification of Dionne’s outfits in “Clueless”

“I have to give her some shots for her brave fashion efforts.”

clueless has to be one of the greatest comedies of the 90s – between the hilarious surroundings of the students of a wealthy Beverly Hills high school, a fun makeover scene and a talented young cast, the film was a recipe for success.

And if you’ve ever seen the movie, you probably remember her wardrobe, because, I mean…

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Try naming a more iconic fashion duo. I defy you.

A fearless fashionista in the film is the character of Dionne Davenport, played by actor Stacey Dash.

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She worked every outfit she wore and made us all want to raid her closet!

Here is a ranking of her truly amazing clueless wardrobe:


Its simple green t-shirt opening moment.

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The green t-shirt ensemble worn by Dionne was shown at the start of the film, and it’s probably her most basic outfit. If anyone can make a t-shirt fancy, it’s Dionne, but this will be last in my ranking of her wardrobe.


Its set in powder blue sponge.

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Dionne’s terrycloth top matched a green and blue plaid skirt in this scene. She was helping Cher conceal her flushed face with makeup before she met Christian, proving that Dionne could easily balance being a loyal friend and looking damn stylish while doing it. It doesn’t rank highly due to its simplicity, as I always like to see Dionne in her purest form of fashion: dare!


Its animal print jacket and high neck cut.

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This outfit was a mix of Dionne’s love for bold prints and vibrant colors. Even though he looked chic and wearable for any occasion, it’s not his biggest clothing choice for me.


Her black satin ensemble and bright pink sweater.

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I love how Dionne added a pop of color to her black satin ensemble with this striped sweater, then matched it with hot pink lipstick. Compared to other outfits further down the list, this isn’t my absolute favorite, but she strutted around her school campus totally owning this fashion choice, so I’m giving her points for that.


Her sheer top and animal print mall outfit.

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When it comes to Dionne’s wardrobe, this look is toned down a bit. That being said, it’s an outfit that could easily be worn even today. I also love that she paired her fur backpack with cheetah print pants.


Its colorful streetwear style.

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Here’s Dionne casually making a phone call in a casual look, but making it look fashionable. The pop of color used with her orange jacket paired with blue jeans makes this look very close to the top ten for me.


His PE sports uniform.

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This fashion moment was a cute touch of gym class attire. Dionne kept it classic with mixes of black and white, but added a printed hair bandana and gold accessories, which gave the look an extra edge.


Her crochet flower bonnet moment.

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Dionne pulls on one of her best hats for this scene when she’s behind the wheel and has a pretty traumatic incident driving on the highway. The fact that it’s such a memorable look when her entire outfit isn’t even shown is a testament to her beauty.


Her fuchsia floral outfit for lunch.

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Dionne’s outfit here is simple, yet fashionable — a long-sleeved pink t-shirt with understated gold jewelry. The floral accessories in her hair add just enough pizzazz to the outfit, and, bonus: her lollipop matches the ensemble. Even in her simplest clothes, Dionne is the queen of clueless style.


Her burgundy velvet dress with a few white details.

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This burgundy dress was definitely more traditional preppy than Dionne’s normal wardrobe choices, so it was cool to see her deviate from her everyday look a bit. The knee-high socks add even more preppy vibe, and she worked it on while posing for a photoshoot with friends, as you can see in the image to the right.


Her neon green top and gingham mini skirt.

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Although seen very briefly towards the end of the film, this outfit made a lasting impression. Dionne’s hair clips, neon green cardigan and top, and gingham skirt with matching green trim are the height of ’90s fashion. I’d wear this outfit any day, and it deserves more kudos. love than what she has.


Her color-coordinated party outfit.

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During this scene, Dionne argues with her boyfriend, Murray, about him shaving his head, but for me the real scene-stealer is his formal attire. This has to be one of the most underrated outfits she wore clueless. The purple, red, and green color palette is gorgeous, and adding these colors to her braids was such an awesome addition. She looks great here, and I’d go so far as to say it’s one of the best movie night outfits of the 90s. It’s definitely a top five pick.


Its a bold blue and red ensemble.

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You can count on Dionne to jazz up an otherwise plain blue outfit with some unexpected bright red wardrobe pieces. And, she didn’t wear any red items but opted for a red patent leather mini skirt and matching clutch, plus she pulled out some fishnet tights. Her commitment to fashion risk is amazing, and I love this outfit.


Her wedding guest look with multiple shades of pink.

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The outfit Dionne donned at Mr. Hall and Miss Geist’s wedding was awesome. I love how her backless dress showed off the ink on her left arm, and her floral hair accessories in two shades of pink gave the look some dimension. Plus, her very ’90s choker is a finishing touch that brings it all together seamlessly. It’s an A+ look.


Her combo of red and orange clothes.

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This is one of my all-time favorite Dionne outfits. It combines red and orange, which you don’t see every day, and makes it look super natural and effortless, but still fun and unique! Her edgy hat takes this outfit into camp territory in the best way, and I love the bold lip (I would really like to know the exact shade Dionne wore here). In conclusion, it’s an epic wardrobe combo.


Her unforgettable plaid ensemble and pink hat number.

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And, to end this legendary fashion countdown, I rank Dionne’s black-and-white plaid ensemble and pink hat number one. I know it might seem like an obvious choice since it’s probably the garment she’s best known for, but what can I say? This outfit is a winner. The plaid ensemble alone is super cute, but the bold hat totally sets it apart from the rest. If that’s not the most iconic fashion accessory from 90s movies, then I don’t know what is. It screams power fashionista, and she wears it shamelessly and looks gorgeous, so this has to be my top pick.

Me, responding to anyone who thinks they can deny Dionne’s fashion reign:

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