30 women share their most expensive purchase. Never.

27-year-old part-time registered midwife earning $ 58,000 a year bought a car for $ 26,000.

A 40-year-old manager working in the auction industry earning $ 99,000 a year, spent $ 40,000 on his fantastic car during COVID – a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle.

To travel.

Although we haven’t been able to travel much in the past couple of years, we all know how expensive it is. Here’s what some women spent on trips abroad.

A 23-year-old full-time partner working in the consulting industry, earning $ 95,000 per year and living at home with her parents, spent $ 10,000 on holiday.

A 27-year-old full-time public relations specialist working in banking and finance and earning $ 90,000 per year, spent $ 6,000 travelling.

A 32-year-old full-time tutor earning $ 52,000 per year, spent $ 12,000 on holiday.

Clothes and accessories.

For many of us, clothing and accessories – especially handbags – are considered investments. Here are the big ticket items these women spent the most on.

A 39-year-old full-time process specialist working in the logistics industry, earning $ 92,000 a year and living with her parents, bought a Louis Vuitton handbag for $ 3,500.

24-year-old casual medical receptionist at a skin cancer clinic, earning $ 38,000 a year, spent $ 700 on an Ena Pelly leather jacket.

Picture: Mamamia.

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