What are the most dangerous intersections in Illinois?

Residents are demanding an answer after another serious crash involving two cars in Rockford, Illinois. This intersection experiences frequent accidents, some fatal.

Google Maps, Canva

Google Maps, Canva

It’s no secret that Rockford has a few dangerous intersections. The most recent list of the most dangerous crossroads in Screw City was published in 2010 and included…

… East State Street and Perryville Road as the most dangerous.


Google Street View

Google Street View

Google Street View

Google Street View
  • East State Street and Mulford Road
  • South Main Street and Meridian Road

You can check out the rest of this list here, but deeming a dangerous intersection to be missing from the list means it may be out of date.

“How many people have to die? »

Neighbors in the region are hoping for a response from the authorities regarding the creation of an intersection in the far west.

How many people have to die before the city/county does something about the intersection of Springfield and Montague?

This was just one of the comments from a concerned resident about The next door. He continued…

We live a quarter mile away and there have been COUNTLESS horrific accidents in the 18 months we have lived here alone…just last night ANOTHER!!

Do you have any idea what intersection he is referring to? Here’s a view you might recognize.

Google Street View

Google Street View

Here is another view from Google Maps.

This is S. Springfield Ave. and Montague Road and he is no stranger to serious and fatal accidents.


It is not surprising to know that there are often accidents involving a vehicle traveling at high speed compared to a slow or stationary vehicle.

The solution might sound crazy but I’m not the only one on this, someone else on the NextDoor app had the same idea. Maybe Rockford needs another…

Yes, a roundabout. Of course, they are not without accidents, even if they are easy to understand. One thing is for sure, it will slow down vehicles approaching the intersection.

Can you identify these 20 intersections in Rockford?

Rockford has some weird intersections as well as “worst” intersections. Test your knowledge and see if you can correctly name these 20 interactions in Forest City.

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