The MPU Seniors Academy organizes for students a visit to the Cantonese Opera Art Exhibition “The Enduring Charm of Cantonese Opera”

MACAU, April 21 – In order to deepen students’ understanding of the development of Cantonese opera and its relationship with Macau, the Senior Academy of Macau Polytechnic University (ACS) has organized a tour of the “Enduring Charm of Cantonese Opera” Art of Cantonese Opera Exhibition at Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM). The ACS hoped to enable students to learn more about the culture and art of Cantonese opera through the exhibition’s valuable photos, scale models and interactive multimedia installations.

Besides admiring the exquisite exhibits such as Cantonese opera costumes, musical instruments and face masks, students could also get a better understanding of the development of Cantonese opera art through the explanation detailed guide. The guide explained the exhibition in four parts: “Exploring the Sources of Treasures”, “Liyuan Footprints in Macao”, “Step on Stage in Costumes and Props”, and “Guangdong Rhyme with Children’s Voice”. Students also learned more about the relationship between Cantonese opera and Macau through interactive and combined multimedia installations and models.

At the exhibition, the older students saw photos of Macau theaters and famous Cantonese opera artists whom they all knew. The guide’s explanation also evoked their memories and thus led to their enthusiastic response and discussion. ACS continually encourages students to actively integrate into society and enrich their knowledge and lives. It is hoped that through this exhibition, students will have a better understanding of Cantonese opera, which is part of the intangible cultural heritage of Macau, thus enhancing their interest in Cantonese opera and inheriting Chinese culture.