Loan consolidation companies -I want a loan to consolidate my debts

Consolidating is a service that borrowers in Latvia most often choose in cases where repayment of several smaller loans has become more difficult and a solution is needed to fulfill their credit obligations.

However, refinancing can also be used before the borrower encounters difficulties in repaying the loan in order to consolidate the loan payments into one more convenient and beneficial payment.

In this article, we will look at the benefits of refinancing when planning your finances for the long term, which will not only ease your everyday life but also help you avoid future repayment difficulties.

I want a loan to consolidate my debts

One convenient monthly payment is often emphasized as the main benefit of  loan consolidation via online, which greatly facilitates monthly debt planning.

Of course, this is an invaluable advantage – especially when several small loans have to be repaid. However, if refinancing is planned and thought out, borrowers can gain other, not least, benefits.


Saving money from credit consolidation is probably not the first one imagined by most consumers who face the need for credit consolidation since taking on new credit will of course also entail new expenses.

However, through planned re-crediting, the borrower can save money on interest payments on the loan. To benefit from this combination of loans, you need to choose a refinancing offer at a lower interest rate than your existing loan.

Of course, in most cases, this will not be possible, but for long-term loans at higher loan amounts, as well as for situations where a loan with a financial disadvantage is selected, a wide range of refinancing services are likely to find an offer at better interest rates.

Savings from refinancing can also occur if refinancing is used in the opposite way. For example, you can refinance your long-term loan for a shorter repayment period with a correspondingly lower interest rate.

If you have a number of long-term loans that are currently available for repayment, refinancing can also result in significant savings.

Lower monthly payment

One of the main benefits of credit consolidation is the lower monthly payments. While in most refinancing cases the money savings may not be significant, lower monthly loan payments not only make many choose to refinance but also help to avoid unexpected financial problems in the long run.

Accordingly, as a result of refinancing, you not only get longer loan repayments but also a lower monthly repayment amount.

This, in turn, both facilitates the management of the financial flow and enables the allocation of funds to cover other expenses. What would your monthly payments be, combining credits into one monthly payment? Use the refinement calculator to get an estimate of your monthly mask.

Longer repayment term

Credit consolidation often results in a longer loan repayment period. This benefit, combined with a lower monthly payment, can facilitate long-term financial planning.

In particular, in most loan formation cases, borrowers are optimistic about their financial situation and future loan repayment opportunities. However, a variety of unforeseen situations may arise which require a review of the financial obligations.

Therefore, combining loans to obtain a longer repayment term is beneficial not only for solving pre-existing financial problems, but also when the consumer is planning his finances in the long term, and it is necessary to obtain additional funds for other everyday expenses.

Credit consolidation – long term financial planning

As already mentioned, credit consolidation in Latvia is most often perceived as a solution to the problems of meeting financial obligations. In the meantime, the less popular use of this service is long-term financial planning to facilitate loan repayment and avoid future problem situations.

Accordingly, refinancing can be used to plan your finances in the following cases: If you have a credit obligation that you would like to improve (for example, repayment term, monthly payment, etc.) or if another lender offers better credit terms and you see the benefits of a credit pool Options. In both cases, a smart and planned combination of loans can bring a number of benefits to the borrower.

But most importantly, combining loans in one payment can help prevent unexpected situations in the future when planning a family budget when, for example, repaying a number of smaller but expensive loans becomes problematic or when the financial situation of the family changes, the funds available for loan repayment decrease significantly.

How to Choose a Refinancing Offer

How to Choose a Refinancing Offer

The process of choosing the most suitable loan refinancing offer is exactly the same as choosing any other thoughtful loan offer. In order to choose the most suitable one from a wide range of refinancing services, it is important not only to identify the best deals but also to evaluate the purpose of your credit consolidation.

If you know clearly what you want to get from refinancing, then selecting the right offer will be easier.

First, set a refinancing goal. If you are having trouble making a monthly loan repayment, your goal is likely to be to meet your financial obligations so that you do not become a debtor. Conversely, if you don’t have this problem, consider whether you want to reduce your monthly loan payment or extend your loan repayment term.

Second, look at the refinancing offers, not only by looking at the interest rates offered by lenders and the amounts offered for loan consolidation but also by considering whether the selected creditor has any hidden or unenforceable claims.

Third, once you have found offers that meet your goals and requirements, evaluate the range of services the lender offers, such as whether you can apply for a re-credit online or remotely, and whether the lender also offers a customer service appointment to help you evaluate opportunities and benefits of re-accreditation.

Would you choose to combine loans to plan your own and your family’s finances in the long run? If you are interested in it, it is important to remember that refinancing can undoubtedly provide financial solutions for different situations, but it is always important to take the time to do it wisely!