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“I don’t know what happened, but I hit my thirties and suddenly I wanted to dress like I was at boarding school. Maybe that’s my way of thinking. trying to reclaim my fading youth,” Michelle Zauner explains in this episode of 7 days, 7 looks. Author of The New York Times bestselling book, Crying in H Martand musician behind indie-pop band Japanese Breakfast, Zauner has cultivated a style all her own.

“I really like dressing this way now. It looks like a fun uniform, a little sharp, a little edgy,” she continues, wearing a Sandy Liang mini dress and a pair of Prada thigh-high boots. And how could she not? Her closet is full of her favorite brands, including Sandy Liang, Rodarte, Thom Browne and Simone Rocha. You can expect Zauner’s collection of accessories to be top-notch too, from a pair of platform ballerinas by Miu Miu with colorful jewels by Frye Powers. “Jubilee.”

Below, take a peek inside Michelle Zauner’s epic fashion collection, and see how she puts it all together for a week of looks.

Monday: Classic Michelle

If you couldn’t tell by her dress and floral fleece, one of Zauner’s go-to New York brands is Sandy Liang. She dresses this pleated chasuble with a chain belt and a blouse with a pointed collar. “I can wear thigh-high boots and it’s still casual.”

Image may contain: clothes, clothes and blouse

Mukzin Lapel Floral White Chiffon Shirt

Image may contain: clothes, dress, clothes and skirt
Image may contain: clothing, shoes, riding boot, boot, shoe and high heel

Prada Monolith pointed thigh-high boots

Image may contain: clothing, fleece, garment, sweater, hoodie and sweatshirt

Sandy Liang Oversized Fleece Jacket

Mara Peralta Studio utility belt

Tuesday: After Party Look

“I love wearing a big dress to an after-party because it’s a piece that instantly speaks,” Zauner says while flying around in a puff-sleeve gown by Simone Rocha. “[It] makes me feel like a giant puff. Meanwhile, a “giant platform” gives her the “height I need to feel powerful.” The most important part? “I can express all my femininity and still make a scene vibrate.”

Image may contain: clothing, dress and fashion

Simone Rocha asymmetric puff-sleeve cloqué midi dress

Image may contain: jewelry, accessories, earring and accessory

Scorpius Reposeux dangling earrings

Image may contain: accessories, accessory, necklace and jewelry

Women’s necklace Junya Watanabe woodpecker and pearl

Image may contain: jewelry, accessories, accessory and bead

Jennifer Behr Gracie pearl hairpins

Image may contain: clothes, shoes and shoes

Simone Rocha lace platform sports sandals with ankle straps

Wednesday: style on stage

After Zauner wore a shimmering Rodarte two-piece for his performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she starred in the brand’s pre-fall 2021 campaign. “I love all of Rodarte’s clothes,” she notes, “it’s the kind of clothes I never imagined I could wear and it’s been a joy getting to know the designers.” With short sleeves and lots of shine, it’s the perfect look for a hot festival stage. “Who doesn’t love a sequin jumpsuit?”

Image may contain: blouse, clothes, clothes, accessories and accessory

Short blouse with sequins and floral print Rodarte

Image may contain: clothes, clothing, pants, denim, jeans and pajamas

Rodarte brocade-trimmed sequined tulle straight-leg pants

Image may contain: shoes, shoes, clothing and boot

Dr. Martens Jadon Pisa Platform Boots

Image may contain: jewelry, accessory, accessory, ring and wristwatch

Panconesi black solar ring

Thursday: Author’s homework

In a tailored Thom Browne white cropped suit with the designer’s signature striped knee-high socks, Zauner explains, “author Michelle is a little less extra than Japanese Breakfast Michelle… It makes me feel like Luke Wilson in The Royal Tenenbaumsshe jokes. And while she loves her jewelry and her shoes, the one accessory she wants to talk about is her book, Crying in H Mart.

Image may contain: clothing, jacket, coat, blazer, suit and overcoat

Thom Browne white double face jacket in striped cotton knot pocket

Image may contain: diaper, clothing, clothing and shorts

Thom Browne Linen Floral Bag Shorts

Image may contain: accessories, accessory, jewellery, diamond, gemstone and earring

Simone Rocha Tooth Pendant Earrings

Image may contain: text, label, advertisement, poster, graphics, art and paper

Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner

Image may contain: clothing, shoe, shoes and sock

Thom Browne RWB Stripe White Sports Socks

Image may contain: shoes, shoes, clothing and boot

Thom Browne classic black wingtip boots

Set of three Fry Powers 14-karat gold and enamel earrings



Friday: summer outfits

Between running errands or having lunch with friends, a pair of mega platform ballet flats from Miu Miu are what Zauner describes as the “perfect summer shoe”. They go effortlessly with her lemon-hued ensemble from the Mirror Palais label.

Image may contain: clothes and clothes

Palais mirror with short neck in lime green

Image may contain: clothes, lamp, skirt and miniskirt

Mirror Palais high-rise heart-pocket silk-crepe mini skirt

Image may contain: bracelet, jewellery, accessories and accessory

Fry Powers Rainbow Unicorn Silver and Enamel Bracelet

Image may contain: clothes, clothes, shoes, sandal and shoe

Miu Miu Platform Ballerinas in Naplak Leather

Image may contain: sunglasses, accessories, accessory and eyeglasses

Gentle Monster Bliss VC5 Sunglasses

The image may contain: accessories, accessory and jewelry

Fry Powers Austen Ball Chain Drop Earrings

Image may contain: clothes, shoes and shoes

Nodress white bow tie socks

Image may contain: accessories, accessory, jewelry and gemstones

Saturday: on the red carpet

“My mom would be so proud to see me on the red carpet in a Valentino dress.” Along with her beautiful floor-length red carpet dress, Zauner carries a very meaningful bag: her mother’s black Chanel. “I always carry that bag when I go to a really big meeting or event,” like when she got her book deal, she recalled, “it just empowers me and I feel like that my mother is with me.”

Image may contain: clothing, clothing, sleeve, bathrobe, pajamas, fashion, long sleeve, party dress and dress

Valentino floral-sequined tulle midi dress



Image may contain: cuff, jewelry, accessories, accessory and ring

Hiro Taka Akoya Pearl Diamond Cuff Ring

Sunday: Look on the road

“I sleep on a moving bus, so I have to be super comfortable,” Zauner describes of her style on tour, wearing her favorite t-shirt she bought in Seoul (there’s a logo of Cheetos snack on it), a pair of children’s Gucci slides, plaid pants in his signature yellow and a “J. “Brekky” dad hat. “An oversized snack brand t-shirt expresses who I am, just a goofy girl.”

Image may contain: clothing, cap, baseball cap and hat

Japanese Khaki breakfast girl yellow hat

Image may contain: necklace, jewelry, accessories and accessory

Sister Friend Rice Paddle Charm



Image may contain: clothes, shoes, flip flops, sandals, accessories, accessory, belt and shoe

Gucci Web Stripe Rubber Pool Slides

Image may contain: heart

My Dear Me Anti-Kiss Rings

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