Plumb Club’s May Podcasts focus on retail categories that resonate with today’s consumer

(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK – More than ever, today’s consumer is looking for jewelry brands and categories that demonstrate a commitment to the same values ​​as they do. Carrying these products and brands, and being able to adequately articulate their values ​​to a retail customer, can make or break a sale.

The Plumb Club’s May Podcasts provide retailers with an abundance of research information and insights that are key drivers of a sale. Both podcasts provide messaging and training tips that can help a sales associate. Here are this month’s podcasts:

Jewelry as activism: Today’s jewelry consumer wants to know that the brands they support align with their values ​​of inclusiveness, empowerment and giving back, making the world a better place for everyone. How can a retail jeweler capture the attention and loyalty of Gen Z and Millennial consumers with products and initiatives and support the social issues that inspire these consumers? Join Duvall O’Steen and Andrea Hansen, on behalf of Plumb Club member Uni-Design, as they provide United Nations search stats and additional insights into the top Gen Z and tech shopping engines. millennials. Additionally, they provide tips on how retailers can craft messaging and illustrate their commitment to social issues to help attract younger consumers and build a lifelong customer base. Uni-Design was established in 1995 and caters to customers worldwide with dedicated diamond jewelry manufacturing facilities in India and China. They are known for creating designs that become market trends.

Laboratory diamonds: What a retailer needs to know: Whatever your feelings, lab-grown diamonds are here, at retail, to stay. Often, retailers worry that this new category could harm or cannibalize their natural diamond business, or that the category is too new for them to properly explain to a consumer. Bridie O’Hagan, Vice President of Retail at Unique Designs, Inc. reveals that sales of both categories increase when they exist together and explains the reasons for this growth. She goes on to explain how to use the correct vernacular to differentiate between categories and ensure that you provide the correct information to educate a consumer, as well as how to sell categories to existing customers. Unique Designs Inc. prides itself on being the next generation leader in fine jewelry. A leader in the natural world, and now the lab-grown world, they believe in constant innovation and evolution.

Plumb Club Podcasts, which are added monthly, provide strategies, insights, and immediate actionable steps from industry leaders that help retailers in a variety of business areas. The most recent podcasts, as well as previous ones, can be accessed at the Jewelers Resource Center in the “listen” area, as well as on the Plumb Club website under the “Resources” tab.