Lightning fans drop off ‘lucky charms’ at Amalie Arena

Lightning’s staff say it’s the ultimate act of fandom.

TAMPA, Fla. — Jerseys, key chains, pucks and more have been dropped off at Amelia Arena the Saturday. The one thing all items have in common according to their owners is a bit of luck.

The team will bring the fans good luck items with them on the road to the playoffs.

Cindy Eicholtz says she attends every Bolts home game. Whenever they play, she wears her lightning bolt necklace for good luck. Eicholtz says it will be a bit strange not wearing it for games this week, but she knows it’s in good hands. “I’m thrilled to be able to provide my charm for this season,” Eicholtz said.

Heather Cameron and Sondra Cadle collect flags whenever they see them on the ground or on the side of the road. The first flag they collected was a Tampa Bay Lightning flag.

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“It’s our special flag mainly because it’s the first one we’ve ever found. It kind of started our tradition,” Cameron said.

Their lucky flag is now part of the team’s lucky collection.

Mayor Jane Castor also stopped by the arena to drop off an article. Before becoming mayor, she was chief of police. She brought a Stanley Cup police badge to travel with the team.

“We can’t wait for our Bolts to bring home another Stanley Cup,” Mayor Castor said.

The Bolts will face the Maple Leafs on Monday. Once the season is over, the items will be returned to each fan.

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