Kathryn Dennis’ cutest Instagram photos with her kids

Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis clearly loves taking cute pictures with her kids and sharing them on social media for the show’s viewers to see.

As many viewers know, Southern CharmKathryn Dennis is a proud mom who loves showing off her kids in cute Instagram photos. The Charleston native has had a tough year after losing custody of her son and daughter, but she’s looking on the bright side. Whenever she gets the chance to see her children, she makes the most of their time together.

It is in March 2021 that Southern Charm viewers learned that Kathryn had lost custody of her daughter, Kensie, and her son, Saint. The news that her ex, Thomas Ravenel, had won custody and could move them to Aiken, SC was heartbreaking for the doting mother. The former couple hasn’t had it easy; they went to court in 2019 for the first custody battle of their children, with joint custody eventually being awarded. Kathryn had full custody in 2016, but lost it when she entered rehab for marijuana addiction. Then in 2018, she filed for primary custody of the children after Thomas was charged with assault and battery. Unfortunately, the recent court decision has not yet been overturned.


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Every time Kathryn sees her children, it’s clear that she enjoys spending time with them. Recently, Kathryn took her children to a museum where they were allowed to play with puppies and take pictures of a hanging solar system exhibit. The excursion took place just after the Southern Charm star called Thomas a”narcissistic.While it’s clear the two former lovers aren’t on the same page, viewers love watching Kathryn capture cute photos of her eight and six-year-olds. Here are some of the cutest pictures .

Kathryn’s Rainbow Pride

Kathryn seems to love playing dress up with her two young children. The daring pastel rainbow outfit made a statement as she posed, holding hands with both Kensie and Saint. The special photo captured the day Kenise turned eight, with Kathryn deciding to throw a Limited Too themed birthday party. Kenise held her mother and her American Girl doll tightly while Saint wore his Mighty Ducks jersey. The three couldn’t have looked happier.

Saint Catherine hugging

It is extremely obvious to Kathryn’s followers that her children love their mother. This snap showed Saint tightly holding Kathryn who wore a cuddly pink outfit, perfect for lots of hugs. The three were just spending a casual Sunday playing in the park before they had to go home. It’s clear that even the smallest of outings has a big impact.

Kathryn’s mini-me

Without a doubt, the cutest Instagram photo to date has to be of Kathryn and Kensie. Southern Charm viewers couldn’t fathom how much the 8-year-old had grown as she looked just like her mother. Kathryn shared that her daughter loves playing with her makeup, noting that Kenise just wants to be like her. Viewers are hoping to see more of Kathryn’s story unfold in the new season.

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