JuniperMarket Focuses on Expanding Women-Owned Resources

To date, some 34 Dough brands are live on JuniperMarket with more integrations daily. These vendors offer a range of lifestyle resources including accessories, candles, housewares, gourmet foods, personal care, and stationery. The brands that can currently be purchased are:

  • 11:11 Candle Co. (100% soy and coconut candles, skincare, crystals and scented products)
  • A spa for girls! (vegan skincare, cruelty-free, ethically handcrafted in the USA)
  • Amy Zhang (pretty and witty greetings and gifts made ethically)
  • AN ACT (sustainable hemp and organic cotton bath towels)
  • ANOVE (eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free skincare, ethically handcrafted in the USA)
  • Becalia Botanicals (Mexican-inspired skincare, cruelty-free, handmade in the USA)
  • Coco’s thoughts (vibrant and ethically handmade, unique and cruelty-free jewelry)
  • gender aware (vegan, eco-friendly, plastic-free health and household items)
  • Due to the best (cutlery and reusable cooking utensils)
  • 29 East (vegan and cruelty-free skincare ethically made in Canada)
  • Evolve Botanica (specialty soaps and skin care)
  • FATCO (handmade skincare from tallow and other natural ingredients)
  • Feather & Bone (treatments for adults and babies inspired by ancient Indian Ayurvedic traditions)
  • FioriBelle (handmade paper goods and fake plants)
  • Glow Glasses (blue light blocking glasses)
  • Golden flower (artisanal herbal tea blends)
  • JJ Paperie and company (eco-friendly stationery and home products with hand-drawn designs)
  • Kazmaleje (tools for curly, frizzy and frizzy hair)
  • cola candies (superfood teas and drink mixes made ethically in the USA)
  • MASAMI (vegan luxury hair care, cruelty-free, ethically made in the USA)
  • Modern theory (eco-friendly candles ethically handcrafted in the USA)
  • NaturalAnnie Essentials (eco-friendly vegan candles ethically handcrafted in the USA)
  • Bring the jewelry back to life (handmade jewelry based on the cellular image of diseases to honor loved ones, empower survivors, raise awareness and change stigma)
  • Hi (vegan botanical beverage infusions handmade in the USA)
  • Shayde Beauty (treatment created to prioritize the needs of melanin-rich skin)
  • The sexiest beauty (eco-friendly, cruelty-free lipstick, lip gloss, lip care and skin care, ethically made in the USA)
  • Bee Sisters (cruelty-free skincare, candles, soaps, honey and more handmade in the USA)
  • Flo skin (eco-friendly and cruelty-free skincare, ethically handcrafted in the USA)
  • Soothi (ethically handmade ecological journals)
  • talisa almonte (original work)
  • Tonic (personal care, food and pet supplies infused with NYC grown CBD)
  • we two tea (hand-picked tea from Taiwan)
  • Violet Plant Care (eco-friendly, cruelty-free skincare guided by centuries-old African formulations ethically made in the USA)

Dough’s longtime brands are embracing the transition to JuniperMarket because of their confidence in the platform and Bruce’s advocacy for values-based commerce. Kalyn Johnson Chandler of Effie’s Paper, a confirmed Dough brand on JuniperMarket, said, “When I saw the announcement in January that not only had Dough been acquired, but that Vanessa was joining the team to champion women-owned businesses, I signed up right away. I said to my team: “This is a platform that we have to be on”. That’s the confidence I have in Dough.

To accelerate the transition of sellers from Dough to JuniperMarket, IMC is investing in both people and technology resources. New staff, dedicated to onboarding Dough brands, eases the onboarding process, and technology enhancements speed up data transfers. Additionally, as more robust values-based screening is being developed, Bruce and his team are actively identifying and vetting existing women-owned businesses that currently live in IMC’s digital and physical marketplaces.

“Juniper is committed to combining customer service and technology to put values-based brands in front of the right buyers,” said Bill Furlong, CEO of Juniper. “As mission-driven products grow in importance to consumers, we are taking steps to provide our buyers and sellers with tools that make it easier to connect and trade.”

The integration of the Dough brands is just one step in IMC’s plans to highlight women-owned brands. Following JuniperMarket’s successful promotion of these resources during Women’s History Month in March and the integration of new women-owned businesses in April, IMC will also present the first of many values-based product showcases on its next physical markets. This summer, pop-up exhibits showcasing select women-owned brands and their principles will be featured in temporary exhibits at IMC’s Atlanta Market (July 12-18) and Las Vegas Market (July 24-28). July)