Italian Design Day 2022: showcasing Italian brands’ commitment to sustainability

The sixth edition of Italian Design Day (IDD) was recently launched to showcase Italian design excellence, celebrating the nation’s deep ties to the design industry through the stories of some of Italy’s most iconic brands. important.

Organized under the auspices of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, IDD 2022 demonstrated how design can be used to expand knowledge and create business opportunities. Highlighting the key elements of the “Made in Italy” brand as a driving force of the Italian economic system, IDD 2022 proved that looks and functionality can converge into something that possesses reciprocal cultural influences, aesthetic subtlety and craftsmanship. Held at Maristar, The Starhill, the endless creativity of Italian design was on full display.

Guided by theme, “Regeneration. Design and new technologies for a sustainable future”, IDD 2022 highlighted a timely challenge: functionality, sustainability and reduced environmental impact in lifestyle practices. Throughout the event, testimonials from leading Italian brands were shared to highlight the convergence of Italy’s love for aesthetics, functionality and sustainability. 6and The edition of the IDD in Malaysia, which is organized by the Italian Embassy and the Italian Trade Agency, was presented by Ambassador Massimo Rustico, who designed new concepts for his 2022 interpretation.

From left to right: Ambassador Massimo Rustico, Kavita Sidhu, Dr. Filippo Fusaro and Ms. Monica Rustico.

“The Italian Design Day has established itself as an effective tool for the international promotion of Italian design, becoming a catalyst for our exports in various strategic sectors. The goal is to design new products and processes based on sustainable technologies in line with the concept of promoting a circular economy,” Rustico added. He also hailed Malaysia as an excellent partner of Italy and aims to promote more bilateral trade and investment relations. After a warm welcome by Rustico, the event featured speakers from world renowned Italian companies such as Ducati, Mangusta, Technogym, Armarior and Permasteelisa.

IDD 2022 also saw the participation of the famous architect Franco Caimi, founder of Caimi Brevetti, as “Ambassador of Italian design in Malaysia”. Often regarded as one of Europe’s leading producers of design-oriented furniture and components, Caimi understands that environmental impact must be taken into account during the design process. “Design takes up important challenges, necessary to build a new, more responsible and sustainable world. I believe that Italian design makes an essential contribution to the combination of aesthetics and functionality with new technologies, research and new materials, playing a role in achieving environmental and social sustainability,” said Caimi.

In addition to its commitment to excellence in performance and design, Ducati has also entered the electric world with its electric racing motorcycles.

Afterwards, Ducati Centro Stile Director Andrea Ferraresi took the stage to guide the audience through the exciting world of Ducati, presenting the company’s golden rules of design. In addition to its commitment to excellence in performance and design, Ducati has also ventured into the electric world with its electric racing motorcycles, with the aim of making electric motorcycles that are both high performance and characterized by their mobility.

IDD: Yachts
The Italian yachting industry as a whole is a jewel in the crown of the “Made in Italy” brand.

The Italian yachting industry as a whole is a jewel in the crown of the “Made in Italy” brand and a shining example of Italian excellence. Thanks to the Overmarine Group’s commitment to the luxurious experience, 300 luxury yachts have been launched throughout its 30-year history. During the presentation, the versatility and customization of their designs and materials, which result in unique vessels of ultimate taste, refinement, beauty and seaworthiness, were brilliantly presented.

Italy is also home to highly skilled manufacturers in the construction sector, who hosted one of the most anticipated presentations from Permasteelisa, a renowned global player in high-tech glass facades for skyscrapers around the world, such as Merdeka 118, which has earned triple platinum with international sustainability certifications including the prestigious Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) and GreenRE and Green Building Index (GBI), a first for Malaysia and, once completed, will be the second tallest skyscraper in the world (at an impressive height of 678.90 meters) after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

IDD 2022
IDD 2022 demonstrated how design can be used to expand knowledge and create business opportunities.

Italy hosts the largest furniture fair in the world, the “Salone Internazionale Del Mobile” in Milan, which is considered one of the main places for the presentation of new products and designers of furniture, lighting and furniture. other home furnishings from around the world. Raise awareness among 60and edition of the show, scheduled for June 7-12, 2022 this year, guests were treated to a short video clip of the 2021 edition of ‘Salone Del Mobile’.

Other presentations shown at the event include the Milan Industrial Design Association Museum and videos on Italy’s fashion and jewelry clusters. Italian jewelry is renowned for the high quality of its textiles and the sophistication of its construction. One of the video clips shown illustrated the tremendous hype surrounding the launch of Vicenzaoro, Europe’s first and largest international gold and jewelery fair which closed its doors on March 21, after hosting more than 1,000 brands and thousands of buyers from 50 countries around the world.

IDD 2022
Italian Design Day 2022

During the last minutes of the event, Rustico thanked all the speakers for their participation and invited Caimi to share a few words before concluding the event. “First of all, I would like to thank Ambassador Massimo Rustico and his team for organizing the event. The companies whose presentations and beautiful videos you have had the opportunity to see today represent the excellence of our country and are examples of how Italian design is applied in different markets. Beauty, art and music have always united – and never divided – people, overcoming barriers. I sincerely hope that with the combination of Italian design and humanity, we can contribute to achieving environmental and social sustainability”.

The Italian Design Day is an annual initiative organized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and its diplomatic network in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency.

This article was first published on Augustman Malaysia