Benro Aureole 3-in-1 Filter Adapter System uses drop-in filters and adapts DSLR lenses to your mirrorless camera

by Jeremy Gray

published Friday, April 22, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. EDT

Benro, maker of many photography accessories including popular tripods, has launched the world’s first detachable multifunctional filter mount adapter system on Kickstarter. The Benro Aureole is a 3-in-1 mount adapter system that allows users to easily adapt filters between a lens and the camera sensor. Additionally, the system adapts the lenses to a different camera system, which is especially useful as more and more photographers switch from DSLR cameras to newer mirrorless camera systems.

The Aureole aims to solve several problems related to the use of filters. With circular screw-on filters, users need to have filters of different sizes or many adapters to use them on different lenses with different filter thread sizes. Traditional square or rectangular filter solutions require a filter holder system, and the filters themselves are large and expensive.

Aureole uses a drop-in filter system that allows users to mount and change filters without removing the lens or adapter. You can also use circular or square filters with Aureole, which means you can use the filters you already own. You can also rotate the filters inside Aureole, allowing you to use circular polarizing filters and use graduated neutral density filters in landscape or portrait orientation.

Another advantage of this type of filter holder system is that you can use filters with ultra-wide angle lenses that lack filter threads due to bulbous front elements or require huge and expensive filters.

From now on, Benro plans to offer the Aureole in eight versions, adapting Canon EF and Nikon Z lenses to RF, E/FE, M4/3, Z, L, X and GF lens mounts, although comments will inform additional mount plans. adapter options.

With just over three weeks to go until the end of the campaign, Benro’s Halo has been fully funded by nearly 200 backers. The campaign exceeded its goal of about $6,400 by about $60,000. Stand options include the Super Early Bird Video Kit which comes with a filter mount adapter, video filter holder, two polarizing filters, a clear filter, and a bag. This option is HK$1,450, which equates to approximately $185 USD.

There is also the Super Early Bird Landscape Kit, which comes with a filter mount adapter, a landscape filter holder, an ND64PL filter, a GND0.9S filter, a circular transparent filter, a transparent square filter and a filter bag. This option is $245. The Benro Aureole is expected to start shipping in June.

For more information, visit Benro and Kickstarter.

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