Apple introduces smart bottle priced at Rs 4,600 that monitors water consumption and keeps drink germ-free

Apple added a product to its list of officially supported third-party accessories that almost justified all the memes about the iPhone maker one day by making a super expensive water bottle. While not packaged water in a new form, the product in question is a smart water bottle that can track how much water you drink throughout the day, compare it with existing information about your body and fitness, track metrics with your activity data, and pushes you to drink water at regular intervals to ensure you stay adequately hydrated. The line is called “Hidrate Spark” and comes in four variations.

Apple and the most expensive water bottle in the world?

Before we go any further, it’s important to note that the Hidrate Spark line of smart water bottles is the kind of price point you’d expect from an Apple product. The range of these smart water bottles offers four variants: Hidrate Spark 3, Pro, Steel and Pro Steel. It’s unclear exactly how their abilities differ, but at least one of them claims to have a vacuum-insulated thermos body that can keep drinks the same temperature for 24 hours.

The Hidrate Spark 3 base has a water holding capacity of 590ml and costs $59.95. Although the bottle is not officially available in India, the same translates here to around Rs 4,600. Other variants include the Pro, with a 710ml liquid capacity and 24 hour temperature retention at the same price. The steel, with a capacity of 620ml and a day’s temperature retention, costs $69.95 (around Rs 5,400). The Pro Steel, which is the highest variant in this bundle, has a capacity of 950ml and costs $79.95 (around Rs 6,100).

It might just be the most expensive bottle you can buy to drink water from, but Hidrate Spark, the makers of these smart bottles, would say they have their own intrinsic value. The bottles have a “puck” at the bottom, which can periodically glow to remind users to drink water. Each sip taken from the bottle is calculated to the nearest milliliter and recorded in the Apple Health data tracker. The same then takes into account your body details and activity data tracked in the Apple tracker to regulate how much water you drink.

If you like athletics and intense physical training, the Hidrate Spark range may interest you, because you would need such precise levels of control in the water you drink.

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