Loan consolidation companies -I want a loan to consolidate my debts

Consolidating is a service that borrowers in Latvia most often choose in cases where repayment of several smaller loans has become more difficult and a solution is needed to fulfill their credit obligations. However, refinancing can also be used before the borrower encounters difficulties in repaying the loan in order to consolidate the loan payments […]

What can bailiffs take for debt?

Banks and microfinance organizations are entering our lives ever closer. Some families do not imagine life without permanent loans and installments. What if there is nothing to pay? In this case, you can’t avoid litigation and meetings with bailiffs – they can freeze accounts, withdraw real estate and sell your belongings. What facts about bailiffs […]

Early loan repayment and interest – is it worth it?

Mortgage repayment can take up to 30-35 years. In the case of cash loans, this time is shorter – depending on the amount of debt, it ranges from several months to several years. Regardless of what kind of commitment we have chosen, we can seek repayment ahead of time. The main benefit of such a […]

Credit Rating – Debt Ratings in Ukraine and Serbia Improved, Slovak Prospects Weakened

The sovereign ratings of Ukraine and Serbia have improved, while the positive outlook for Slovakia has so far weakened. Good Finance’s E-Money Global Ratings announced in London on Friday night that it has upgraded the global rating of Ukrainian long-term liabilities in foreign currency and local currencies from “B” to “B”. . The outlook for […]

Repayment of debts to the dead – what should you know?

Loan repayment after the borrower’s death. What if my spouse or heir does not pay the installments? Will the bank want to recover its debts? How to protect yourself from paying debts after the deceased? The borrower’s death, apart from difficult emotional experience for his relatives, also has a huge financial impact on his heirs. […]

Mortgage loan installment calculation for debt consolidation loan

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Increasing demands on debt

At the beginning of the year (January 2019), the debt came with good news, the number of people who had claims at debt had decreased from 413,912 to 410,131, a decrease by 3,781. It was the lowest number in 27 years. However, what worried the Crown Chief was that the total debt increased despite the […]